The worlds of travel and photography connect us with time and memory.

The watch and the camera are travelling companions. This connection is certainly emotional but can also be technical: traditional analog cameras feature mechanics, design and precision similar to that to be found in the world of watchmaking, and thus a source of inspiration. And indeed, such has been the case for Valbray.


The brand was born at the heart of Europe and of creativity. Its founders, French and Italian, embody elegance and passion. The geographical location of French-speaking Switzerland supplies the precision and other requirement specifics to haute horlogerie watchmaking, the sector in which there is growth.

Founded by Côme de Valbray and Olga Corsini, Valbray is the result of a complementary and contrasting duality. A man, a woman; an engineer, a designer; a lover of mechanics and an expert in jewellery… Daring, tenacity, independence and passion are just some of their defining characteristics. The Valbray creations are distinguished by an assertively contemporary look. The sensuality of the lines is combined with the balanced forms. Every component is created as a unique piece, then studied in relation to all the others.



There are indisputable links between the world of watchmaking and that of photography. The Valbray spirit draws on three core values:

Technological Innovation :

This is the genesis of each Valbray creation, in terms of use, function, mechanical research and even the choice of materials.

An interactive, ergonomic design :

Each Valbray product offers a fun, ‘live’ dimension thanks to a mechanism or a moving component with which users can interact. At the same time, the lines and the shapes are designed bearing in mind the comfort of the user wearing the piece.

Know-how :

Valbray creations are fashioned in in-house workshops, where the craftsmanship and the mastery of the output are increasing daily. The craftsmen work with a passionate attention to detail – and in line with the strictest quality criteria. Production is restricted to a limited number of pieces, per year and per model, to guarantee the highest levels of exclusivity of the products.