Research & Development

From the very first sketches to the final product, the whole creation process is manufactured internally.

The designers work closely with the development team, combining beauty and the desired shapes with the technical and functional constraints.

After an initial design study and hand drawn executions, our qualified engineers begin working and developing the concepts using 3D modelling, turning fantasy into reality.

Each element of the product is then formalized through precise technical drawings, in order to organize and facilitate the production process. Nonetheless, the most advanced solutions are found to provide a continuous improvement of the manufacturing process.


To ensure mastery of skills and product excellence, Valbray manages most of the production operations and therefore relishes in considerable autonomous production.

Furthermore, the production is ensured by CNC machines allowing the creation of high-precision parts that can go up the micron scale.

Between each production stage, components are also subject to several quality checks to ensure their compliance is perfect.

Therefore, the manufacture and care devoted to the 150 components of the watch, along with the movement and craft decoration of the dial, require a great demand from Valbray’s watchmakers when assembling these timepieces.

With a control cell at the forefront of Swiss’ technology, Valbray provides products that meet the highest technical and aesthetical criteria.

Overall, these processes make the brand Valbray recognisable within the niche circle of Haute Horlogerie Suisse.